Elegance, Poise and Horror: Her Last Ballet Creeps Onto YouTube

Her Last Ballet Creeps its Way Onto YouTube

A long awaited horror short film titled Her Last Ballet debuted on YouTube this month from indie film-maker Carrie Lees on her channel Carrie Makes It Scary. Teasers for this short first started appearing about six months ago, and then with no further announcements appeared online this month, like a small mysterious gift on the internet’s doorstep, mirroring the premise of the film.

Her Last Ballet, while only clocking in at four minutes long, seeks to find strength in that length, delivering equal amounts of creeping fear and ominous dread quickly and efficiently. This is, in part, due to the camera-work of co-producer and cinematographer Brian Lees. The story follows a ballet dancer, played by Monica Martinez, who receives a mysterious music box on her doorstep, one that soon seems to possess a dark supernatural power over her.

While writer and director Carrie Lees does have other film credits to her name, she says this was her first finished short film of her own. “I wrote the script around two years ago over a period of a few hours,” says Lees. “I’ve had the creepy music box concept for a while, but it changed many times. About five months after finalizing the script I’d fully gathered the cast and crew and we shot it in two days. About six months later I’d decided it was time I stopped making tweaks to the editing.” Again mirroring the story within Her Last Ballet, this video takes the viewer by the hand and leads them away, serving as an introduction to a new flavor of indie horror and perhaps taking them to more.

Lees does have plans to continue making horror shorts for the YouTube channel Carrie Makes It Scary, and says one is already in the works now. “It’s already written and most of the crew are in place. Filming is set for January 6th.” She continued that this next film will show the horrors of “how a blind date can go fatally wrong.”

Written by MGDSQUAN

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