Blu Review – Two Female Spies in Flowered Panties

Director – Jess Franco (Lust for Frankenstein, Bloody Moon)
Starring – Lina Romay (Helter Skelter, Vampire Junction), Nadine Pascal (Zombie Lake, Caged Women), and Olivier Mathot (Cannibal Terror, Devil’s Kiss)
Release Date – 1980
Rating – 3/5
Blu Release – 3/5

Since Thanksgiving I haven’t watched that many horror films.  It has nothing to do with the holiday.  I’ve just found myself drawn to exploitation and 80s comedies more than horror…and before you even say it.  No, I’m not going soft!  After the sexploitation flick Matinee Idol and the 80s romance comedy My Chauffeur I gave the found footage film about the mothman a look.

After Moth let me down I decided to take another step away from my beloved genre When I looked through the review stack I came across the Jess Franco erotic drama Two Female Spies in Flower Panties.  This Severin release was sent my way by my friends over at CAV.  Thank you!

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows two female prisoners with extraordinary bodies and hips that move for days.  They are recruited by the government due to their ability to sway men with their erotic dancing.  They are sent in to find the location of a young woman that was recently kidnapped.  The woman is kidnapped by a sexually perverse couple who repeatedly rape and torture her in hopes she will fall in love with them but soon the spies with the flower panties are able to find her.**Spoiler Alert**

Jess Franco is a love hate relationship with me.  The movies I like of his I really like.  They are phenomenal pieces of exploitation cinema.  Most are sexy, slightly bloody, and the stories are insane.  With that being said, there are some Franco movies that I can’t make it through.  The stories are so bland and the characters are completely obnoxious.  Lucky for me, Two Female Spies in Flower Panties was one of the enjoyable ones.

The acting in this one isn’t the best I’ve seen but was leagues above the worst.  The characters are very lively and high spirited but the cast has a hard time focusing on their dialogue.  They just spit their words out like diarrhea of the mouth with no attempt at finding the proper emotion.  They still crafted some entertaining characters but some of the scenes are difficult to watch.

The story for this one is crazy and it works.  An exploitation film following two strippers turned spies to capture a sex crazed couple who has kidnapped a famous women is completely bat shit crazy but by god it holds the viewer’s attention.  I loved how out there it is but there was some slower scenes that will try the viewer’s patience but suffering through these are worth it.

Finally, if you want blood and gore you will have to look elsewhere.  However, if you want sexy women in an erotic exploitation film from cinema renegade Jess Franco this one is for you!

Special Features:
Two Cats in the Canaries – Interview
Filmmaker Donald Farmer Interviews Daniel White
Stephen Thrower on Two Female Spies
Location Outtakes

Written by Blacktooth

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