Erotic Slasher ‘Alpha Delta Zatan’ Comes to Amazon Prime in the US & UK.

Frat House Slasher ‘Alpha Delta Zatan’ Now on Amazon Prime.

A masked killer targets a fraternity in ‘ALPHA DELTA ZATAN,’ now available on Amazon Prime (US/UK) from Reel Nightmare Films & Together Magic.

A reversal on the traditional tropes found in the “sorority slasher” genre, a sexy all-male cast gets soaked in blood in this new thriller directed by Art Arutyunyan.

‘ALPHA DELTA ZATAN’ was one of the top VOD releases on Amazon Video in October, and it’s currently a bestseller on Vimeo On Demand.

The LGBT-oriented slasher has been picked-up for an upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray & On Demand release by gay-centric platforms TLA and Dekkoo.

Amazon Prime members can stream ‘ALPHA DELTA ZATAN’ now by clicking on the following links:

Amazon Prime USA:
Amazon Prime UK:

Written by MGDSQUAN

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