Anton Palmer Publishes Christmas Horror Short Story ‘Slay Belles’

Pigs in Blankets Will Never Be the Same Again

Genre fans are lucky enough to have dozens of holiday horror movies to choose from every Christmas season. But, what if you want to READ holiday horror? Well, independent author Anton Palmer published a short story on Kindle that’s sure to fill that void. Slay Belles looks like a sexy, bloody, chilling thriller that’s the perfect read this Christmas season. It even comes with an extreme warning!

Jimmy is a bad husband. In a last ditch attempt to save their troubled marriage, his wife, Angela, books them a romantic Christmas break at a remote inn. When her elderly mother is suddenly taken ill, Angela has to dash off, leaving her husband alone at the inn on Christmas Eve with only the beautiful, sexy twins who run the place to keep him company. Jimmy thinks he’s in for an evening of fun and games – and he is! But the games these sick, twisted sisters like to play will ensure that this will most definitely not be a Silent Night!

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Written by MGDSQUAN

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