(Short Film) Mohammed Thalhath’s DEAR SANTA

Damn. Dear Santa was impressive. While I wasn’t a fan of the dubbing, I’m going to give a huge round of applause to The Crew and Mohammed Thalhath for creating a genuinely disturbing Santa Claus and a short film that’s deserving of awards for its dazzling, stunning visuals that captured the essence of Christmas. Dear Santa is highly reminiscent of Steven C. Miller’s Silent Night remake, and I highly recommend that you watch the seven minute short below.

Dear Santa was directed and edited by Mohammed Thalhath with developers Abdul Razik and Vipin Chaundra. Emine Sajeev served as cinematographer, and Mubaris CT and Suhail Ummer star. Special nod to art directors Abdul Razik, Harshad, Roshan.

What happened on Christmas Eve in 2016? Is this Christmas that merry for you?

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN