(Short Film) Steve Doss’ Got Gremlins?

Feast your eyes on the second Gremlins fan film of 2017! I love that independent film-makers and horror fans came together this year to bring some of the most lovable creatures in cinematic history back to the mini-screen.

Got Gremlins? is written, directed and edited by Steve Doss of S.J. Doss Media. Presented by Creepy Concept Films, the four minute short film stars Lauren Elizabeth and Steve Edwards. Lana Melendez served as assistant director with Kevin Cox as assistant camera operator.

Got Gremlins? contains all the holiday cheer and absurd humor of the original 1984 movie, and it even contains the same musical scores. It’s got fantastic cinematography and gets right to the point. Check it out below!

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN