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Horror Comedy The First Date Now on DVD & Amazon Prime.

First Date

Horror Dark-Comedy The First Date Now on DVD

Los Angeles, CA January 3rd, 2018 – Film Producer and Film Distributor Reel Nightmare Films is kicking off the New Year with the DVD release of their horror/comedy anthology The First Date.

The film’s official synopsis reads: “Tired of the online dating world, a hopeful woman decides to give it one last try with a charming stranger who owns his own theater and has a collection of very strange short films.”

Directed by Michael Buttino and Produced by Golden Groves (collectively known as The September Brothers), The First Date has been called “a highly unique and entertaining horror comedy” by horror critics in the United States.

The DVD also includes the 15-minute horror comedy Shamblin’s Shack, also by The September Brothers.

The First Date is currently streaming on Amazon Prime US/UK. The DVD can be purchased on

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