Rob Hayes Teams Up With 18 Authors For A New Year Of Stellar Fiction

Rob Hayes Teams Up With 18 Authors For A New Year Of Stellar Fiction
28 Epic Fantasy, Sci-Fi, And Horror Novels On Sale For 0.99 Each From January 10th – 14th, 2018

January 10th, 2017 – Prolific fantasy scribe Rob J. Hayes–award winning author of The Ties That Bind series and the Best Laid Plans duology–has teamed up with 18 other authors to fill your new year with dark visions of heretics, warrior priests, rampaging cyborgs, and eldritch madness. 19 of the best voices in the grimdark fantasy and sci-fi scenes have banded together to offer a stunning lineup of epic fiction for an exhilarating–and occasionally terrifying–ride across the genre spectrum.

From January 10th – 14th, all 28 novels from these bright stars of the self-publishing industry are up for grabs for only $0.99 a piece, filling your to-read list to the brim with new worlds to explore throughout the whole year. A New Year Of Fantasy & Sci-Fi features stories from such luminaries as Frank Dorrian, Ty Arthur, Richard Nell, Damien Black, Paul Lavender, M.L. Spencer, and many, many more.

“For this sale we’ve brought together 19 self published authors who write either fantasy or science fiction. It’s our hope that we can introduce people to some new talents of the genre, and at a criminally low price. It’s a diverse group with classical fantasy from the likes of M.L. Spencer, Damien Black, and Jesse Teller; along with science fiction from names like Sean E. Britten and Brian Parker; and even some urban fantasy from Kenny Soward. It’s all all quality fiction and with such a range there’s something for everyone.”

Rob J. Hayes was born somewhere south of the cockney wastelands in a small town called Basingstoke. He grew up with all the usual boy toys including Lego, Star Wars figures (complete with working lightsaber action) and plenty of Transformers. Playing with these toys inspired his imagination and as soon as he was old enough he started playing with swords (AKA wooden sticks).

Now based in Derbyshire, UK, Rob has a variety of hobbies when he’s not madly scribbling his next epic, that, unsurprisingly, are fantasy themed. He regularly plays card games based on the A Game of Thrones and the Netrunner universes and attends tournaments throughout the UK. Rob also enjoys Airsofting: the act of running around a forest with fake guns shooting (being shot by) his friends.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)