Need Something to do in NYC This Weekend? Let Me Recommend Gas Station Horror!

And A Review? You’re Spoiling Us, Crump.

Gas Station Horror returns on Saturday, January 13th at 10:30PM for its 59th show!

Gas Station Horror is a monthly, high-energy improv show that turns terrible horror movies into excellent comedy. Host J. W. Crump is joined by a talented group of horror-philes from the major comedy theaters in New York. After playing clips from low-rent horror movies, the improvisers take the stage to finish the scene in new and hilarious ways. Every show features movie fun-facts, brand-new clips, and a sponsored raffle where audience members have the chance to win free DVDs and other prizes.

Speaking of prizes, Crump had this to say. “My mom bought me a ton of $1 horror movies for the next three shows, and friends, they are HOT GARBAGE. There’s one that I think is just about the concept of arrows in cheerleaders. Also, I’ve got three first-edition horror comic books to give away. Get yo read on!

Gas Station Horror is J. W. Crump, Sean Reidy, Connor McClure, B. J. Thorne, Josh Krebs, Kaitlin Fontana, Sam Jackel, Michelle Francesca Thomas, Keisha Zollar, Tim Mele, Ali Gordon, Jordan Hirsch, and Tracy Mull. Tech by Parker Denton. The production is proud to announce Maritza Montañez as the 59th show’s special guest.

Maritza Montañez is is a Brooklyn-based writer and performer from California’s San Joaquin Valley. She improvises with seventeen and Living Room: The First Generation at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. She hosted Kaleidoscope at The Creek and The Cave, Lo Que Quieras: Un Show de Comedia en Español atThe PIT, and Dying to Laugh, a podcast about death. She has been featured in videos for MTV, Channel 101, CH2, Clickhole, and Red Hot Video Fun Time.

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Review of Escape Room: I’m going to start giving you the hot deets on a movie that I had to watch for GSH. Escape Room is a “movie” that I watched on the train home for the holidays.

Pros: The protagonist is a one-season actor from “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” He holds the record for shortest amount of episodes as a “lead.” Castable! The traps actually follow the logic and non-logic of Escape Rooms (AKA hope someone memorized the Fable of the Sphinx!) Good gore effects!

Cons: The ending makes ZERO sense. It’s like…not an ending. But hey, a character is fully nude to distract you. You know how you and your best friends hate each other but also want to baaaaaang? This movie does! There’s literally a character that is in the first scene, then says goodbye to the others because “the escape room only holds 6 people” and we never see her again. She must have been someone’s niece. Should you watch? If you like watching people solve a crossword under dire circumstances, yes.

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN