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‘Nails’ Claws Its Way to American DVD.

Paralyzed after a terrible accident, Dana struggles to regain her life and family when she encounters a malevolent ghost in her hospital room.

Irish horror flick NAILS has officially made its way to America with a DVD release made available this Tuesday, January 9th 2018. The movie can be found on most online retailers courtesy of MPI Home Video. NAILS is currently in the Top 700 horror films on Amazon, and you can purchase your copy of the new movie by going here.

The directorial debut of Dennis Bartok, NAILS was produced by Joseph Kaufman (Assault on Precinct 13), John Brady (Let Us Play), Brendan McCarthy (The Hallow) and John McDonnell (Wake Wood). Shauna Macdonald (Sarah Carter in The Descent and The Descent 2) stars alongside Leah McNamara, Steve Wall, Ross Noble and Richard Foster.

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN