The Lord of Death – A Halloween Fan Film

YouTube is seeing an increased number of fan film uploads in the last few weeks. Here’s one that fell into our inbox at Horror Society.

Halloween: The Lord of Death was shot under Butterfly Pictures and writer/director David Roncone. Roncone also co-edited the fifteen minute short film with Paulo Cucinella; and it stars Giorgia Lepore, Luigi Papale, Irene Di Chiara, Aldo Mancino, Giovanni Gravina, Fulvio Di Chiara and Carlo Mauro. It contains the style, opening credits (including fonts and colors), and theme music of the original Halloween… aaand that’s where anything positive kind of ends.

Halloween: The Lord of Death is incredibly low-budget and suffers from rough editing, scaling camera work, and performances that leave a lot to be desired. Still, this is Roncone’s love letter to John Carpenter, and as the #1 website for independent projects, who was I to turn them down for being incredibly rough around the edges?

Here’s some love, guys.

Watch the short fan film below.

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN