An Evening at the Theater – Michael S. Rodriguez to produce a new horror short

Michael S. Rodriguez to produce a new horror short with new comer Michael Affrunti directing.

Horror director Michael S. Rodriguez plans to produce a string of horror shorts in 2018 starting with An Evening at the theater which is already in full production. “An Evening” follows two buddies, Marcos and Carlos as they have a discussion in a movie theater about ways to dispatch the typical array of annoying moviegoers. As the conversation becomes intense, the lines between fantasy and reality become blurred which leads to and evening at the theater you’ll never forget!

Short film/ Horror genre

Tagline: The terror isn’t always on the screen.

Written and directed by Michael Affrunti
Screenplay by Michael Affrunti and Ricardo J. Vasquez
Starring: Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Victor Crowley)
Jaime Nungaray (Lake of Shadows, Pray for rain)
Cesar Zamora (Lake of Shadows)
Makeup FX by Sofia Alexandria and Stephanie Galvan (Lake of Shadows)
Director of photography: David J. Bailey
Produced by Michael S. Rodriguez
Associate producer: Matt Sconce
Production Company: MSR Studios / DeepMurder Productions

Written by Blacktooth

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