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Review: Michelle Romano’s Blood Bride

What would you do to save your spouse, the person that you love above all others? That’s the underlying theme in Michelle Romano’s Blood Bride… until she dumps a gallon of blood and a brood of sexy nurses on top of it. Blood Bride was produced in support of The Soska Sisters’ Annual Massive Blood Drive, through Roman Media LC, and it’s probably one of the funner releases that are due to debut during Women in Horror Month. A campy, rock-n-roll, retro horror piece, this one’s got it all. It’s also a proud addition to the world of independent horror, considering it was made with zero budget and still managers to maintain a high level of quality with an all important layer of grit. Although a more refined edit from Corey Tourigny will hit film festivals later this year, this is my review of Blood Bride as it stands to hit YouTube on February 19, 2018.

I’m always impressed when independent film-makers book grand locations, so the fact that Blood Bride utilizes an entire hospital setting is astounding and a true testament to the qualifications of the producers, Michelle Romano, Corey Tourigny, Chris Clancy and Christina Malavenda. Just from watching this 14 minute short, I’m struck with the thought that they’re definitely players that you want on your team; capable of making miracles happen due to their professionalism. I mean, they were even able to book incredible and recognizable talent including Robert Catrini (Silent Venom), Jennifer Jostyn (House of 1000 Corpses), Heather Grace Hancock (“Wicked City”), Sarah French (Land Shark), Renee Dorian (The Funhouse Massacre) and Alice Ko (“Tolerance Tuesdays”). Stellar acting across the board that mixes with a palpably eerie atmosphere and expert special effects.

And Blood Bride is educational, too! Near the beginning of this short film, there’s a scene between Corey Tourigny and Robert Catrini where several facts about blood types and blood donations are spouted off. Perfectly timed in context to why this short film was made in the first place. But that leads me to my only complaint – too much talking. The script, penned by Tourigny, contains a lot of drama and a lot of dialogue, but is relatively light on horrific elements until the very end. It needed a little more bite to it. No pun intended, considering that the short also deals with demonically charged vampires. My other complaint is the use of needles, but that stems from my personal views. I would love to donate to The Soska Sister’s blood drive, but I’m one of those people who freak out and fight the nurses or just pass out in my chair. If you’re afraid of needles, like I am, this probably isn’t the film for you! Even if the procedure is carried out by old school, candy striper-esque nurses.

Directed by Michelle Romano and shot by cinematographer Marco Bottiglieri, Blood Bride is a terrific introduction to the work of Romano and a fun way to learn more about blood types. It’s sexy, informative, and god damnit – don’t we all just love vampires? An enthralling, realistic story is turned on its head in Blood Bride. Sit back, watch, enjoy, and donate some plasma on February 19, 2018. Final Score: 7 out of 10.

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN