Viral Films UK Launch Kickstarter in Support of Lycanthrope Short ‘Werehouse.’

Viral Films UK and Death Vault Productions presents a black and white, action-packed Werewolf Horror short – WEREHOUSE. WEREHOUSE is a 15min short film, shot entirely on location in a warehouse near Chelmsford.

Our aim is to bring you a feature film’s worth of action, drama, horror, and spectacle, all packed into 15 minutes of entertainment. will be using mostly practical effects, with as few digital enhancements as possible. Speaking of which, we are working closely with one of the UK’s biggest FX companies to construct the werewolf.

The project is primarily black and white because we feel it’s extremely powerful and underused in low budget filmmaking. In addition to that, we are using special techniques to isolate the colour red. This will be reserved for blood and gore and items of significance. The use of black and white will also allow us to greater utilize the play between light and shadow. Keeping things bathed in darkness will give us greater opportunity to build suspense, and keep the shock-factor high. One of our mantras has always been, “the unseen is scarier than the seen,” and by keeping the werewolf in the shadows, we can really ramp-up the terror before the big reveal.

We plan to shoot WEREHOUSE in Chelmsford, Essex, UK sometime in late April (during a full moon!). We’ll be filming on the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K. We are hoping to have the film completed and ready for your viewing pleasure in September, and all rewards shipped by October, ready for Halloween. As well as this, we’ll be releasing the film on Amazon Instant Video, with an expected air date of 31st October 2018.

Synopsis: When a peaceful demonstration turns to violence in the streets, a trio of students seek shelter in a nearby warehouse. But they soon realise it was safer outside when coming face-to-face with the lycanthropic occupant.


Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN