BATSH!T (Crowd Funding)

From the press release:

What is Batsh!t?

If we do our jobs right, it will be like nothing you have ever seen.

Let’s begin by explaining what Batsh!t is not.

Batsh!t has nothing to do with bat guano, which can be found in caves and smells heavily of ammonia.

For the purposes of our film, we are using Batsh!t as a way to define a moment of craziness, or insanity. A temporary lapse of reason. It is a condition which unfortunately sends our hero; Felix on an adventure, he would never have wanted.

Here is the question, what would happen if you took a pill that you thought what is your regular prescription but was instead a major league, high-octane, power-packed, hallucinogenic capable of sending you on the bender of a lifetime?

In Batsh!t, throughFelix, we learn the answer.

Felix is just an ordinary guy living an ordinary life who is just as down on his luck as anybody else. He lost his job a few weeks ago and he has been feeling pretty low down. He goes to get his prescription filled but for reasons we can’t explain here, he pops exactly the wrong pill.

There’s more to it than that. We have a deeper story than the one you may be imagining at the moment. But on its surface, that is the Batsh!t story we are telling.

We follow Felix around for approximately 48 hours while he is afflicted by this hallucinogenic, this trip that he didn’t ask for. This circumstance gives us the freedom to really push the envelope in our storytelling. He has a number of interactions first at his own house, then ultimately in an iconic Pittsburgh location known as the Trundle Manor. The Trundle Manor is a real place loaded with all sorts of very strange things. It is the one place you wouldn’t want to be if you were in the middle of the effects of a mind-altering drug.

Or maybe it is

The story isn’t only about his bender, there is a real world situation going on around him as well. Although currently, he is helpless within it.

On his trip, we follow Felix around as strange occurrences happen and he responds to them. This is a fantasy world that reflects reality. There is danger here, and it is made even more dangerous by virtue of the fact that Felix has no control.

So ask yourself, what if it was you? What would happen if you took the wrong pill? Would you go Batsh!t?


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.