The UK’s #1 Zombie Web-Series “Dead Town” Has Five New Episodes to Chomp On.

The UK’s favorite horror-comedy zombie web-series “Dead Town” is returning for season two in the second quarter of 2018. Written and directed by Peter Mckeirnon, join John, Butty… and the other one?… as best friends and brothers struggling to survive the apocalypse in five brand new episodes of “Dead Town.” Who knows what wacky, gory adventures and tribulations this trio will get into next.

Having been privy to an advanced viewing of episode 02.01, I can honestly say that the production value looks several steps higher, and the wit and humor is off the chain funny. So, if you were an old fan of the series, you’re going to be impressed with the new material. And fans of They Live should also keep an eye on season two of “Dead Town,” as I hear a special tribute to John Carpenter’s 1988 masterpiece is present in one of the final episodes.

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Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN