Mangled by Michael – A T-Shirt Brand For Horror Fans Who Work Out!

No Excuses… Even If You’re Dead or Dying

3/4/18, NJ – Horror fans are some of the most dedicated people in the world. They can find a way to incorporate scary movies, music and all forms of media into everyday activities and decorating. However, this doesn’t translate over to fitness and exercise well. Sure, your favorite retro T-shirt with Freddy on the front is comfortable enough to lift weights in, but you really don’t want to put it through the wash again and again for fear that’ll lose its shine. That’s why Michael DeFellipo, author and senior editor at, recently launched his own T-shirt line – Mangled by Michael.

Mangled by Michael, a project housed under Shillow Productions, is a fledgling brand of horror themed T-shirts specifically aimed at men and women who regularly exercise. Every T-shirt features a punny play on words or homage to the greatest splatter-flicks of all time, all wrapped up in a motivational message. DeFellipo says, “I’m a half-marathon runner and I recently started lifting weights. I love wearing my horror film T-shirts while exercising, but I don’t want to wear them out on too many spin cycles. I came up with the idea for Mangled by Michael after seeing other people in my line of work exercising but being forced to wear name brand clothes. My shirts are meant to be destroyed, as long as you’re killing them and killing “it” in the gym.”

Currently, three designs are available for print or you can just get the Mangled by Michael logo. Each design was invented, produced and released by DeFellipo with the help and support of his artist, graphic designer Manny Serrano. Manny is co-owner of New York’s Mass Grave Pictures, an award winning, independent production company known for Blood Slaughter Massacre and vintage web-series “Attack of the Brain People. DeFellipo states, “Manny has been incredible to work with. He’s enthusiastic and believes in the brand we’re creating. More-so, the way his mind works is astonishing. He always thinks outside the box and gives me a design that far surpasses my initial inception.”

More T-shirt designs are awaiting production.

If you’re a horror hound who likes to get sweaty, whether it be at home or in a gym, consider purchasing a Mangled by Michael T-shirt at:

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)