(Crowd Funding) Brandon Tobatto’s 80’s Slasher Flick ‘Splatter Camp.’

Taken directly from Brandon Tobatto at the Splatter Camp Indiegogo Page:

“Greetings, Splatter Campers! Welcome to the official fundraising campaign for the forthcoming slasher epic, Splatter Camp! Splatter Camp is a full-length feature film that tells the story of a group of young filmmakers who, while filming a documentary at the long since closed CAMP CANDY, discover that the legend of SCARY LARRY may be more than just fiction when a string of murders start picking them off, one-by-one. Things only worsen for the survivors when distrust begins to tear them apart, for how could Scary Larry be real? Is this killer the authentic package? Could it actually be the groundskeeper? Or, has the so-called masked madman been residing among the members of the group all along, posing as one of the helpless survivors?

Splatter Camp will be an old-school style slasher film with undertones of comedy and fun, as well as elements of modern-day meta. The film takes inspiration from and will pay homage to 80’s horror films and their villainous icons, especially that of Jason Voorhees the beloved Friday the 13th franchise he belongs to.

The idea for Splatter Camp came to writer/director Brandon Tobatto after several attempts to reach Paramount Pictures with a pitch for a new Friday the 13th film failed. Out of this disappointment, and during the midway between Tobatto’s last project Sugarplum, and his continuing work on Madhouse, Tobatto carried over almost all of the elements and story beats of that original treatment, molding the final product into its own version of Friday the 13th without being Friday the 13th. What was born was a self-aware, 80’s throwback slasher story, with likable characters, purposely campy scenes and dialogue, and a new franchise icon that is, himself, aware of and inspired by his horror idol: Jason Voorhees. This, of course, is the character of Scary Larry, and it has become apparent, judging from the screenplay, that even he would give Jason a run for his money.

Without the financial backing of a major studio, Tobatto and his team decided to fund and produce the film independently, with positions both in front of and behind the cameras being filled by either long-time Team Tobatto members, or picked from the pools of both independent actors and filmmakers alike. This will be the fundraising campaign that decides whether Splatter Camp is a small-time, low-budget little indie horror flick, or a well-funded, masterfully polished independent slasher film!”

The Splatter Camp Indiegogo campaign is hoping to raise $10,000 by April 18, 2018. By donating, you can earn yourselves prizes including an early stream of the film, signed merchandise, props, a role in the film, and varying producer credit. Click here to donate.

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