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Top Five Bizarre Asian Cases That Can Rival the Zodiac and Black Dahlia Murder Case?

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The Zodiac killer has persistently terrorized people for years. What made it more intriguing is the boldness of the killer to toy with the reporter and police authority. The investigation on the cases has continued for years but unfortunately, the culprit has never been identified. On the other part of the globe, strange and bizarre cases have continued to baffle experts for ages.

Let us start enumerating these serial murder cases that we think is on par with the Zodiac killings.

1. Hwaseong Serial Murder Case

Dubbed as the Zodiac of Asia, the Hwaseong Serial Murder Case is an unresolved case that happened in South Korea during 1986-1991. The victims are 10 women ranging from 14-71 years old. Each of them has been bound and massacred at the district of Hwaseong province of Gyeonggi. They were strangled by the culprit using their own clothes. Based on the evidence, the culprit is a man who’s around 20s with a height of 165-170cm. It was also confirmed that the killer has a B blood type. In 2004, another female student was murdered around the area. Circumstances of her death have a striking resemblance to the Hwaseong Serial murder case. Interestingly, the death of the college student also remains unsolved.

Hwaseong serial murder case has inspired a lot of TV series such as Tunnel, Signal, Gap-dong and movies like Confession of Murder, and Memories of Murder. The Korean movie, Memories of Murder is heavily based on the serial murders. At the end of the movie, the sleuth looked through the camera which may mean that he is looking back at the culprit who is definitely watching the movie.

2. Serial Murders at Saga Prefecture

This serial killing that happened at the Saga Prefecture happened between the year 1975-1989.There were 7 murders that are supposedly linked. What made this case interesting is that 6/7 killings happened during Wednesday. This is also referred to as the case of ‘Wednesday Strangler’. An arrest was made but the suspect was found innocent. To this day, all murders are still unsolved.

3. Lucila Lalu

This case may not resemble the Zodiac killer but it is more closely associated to the Black Dahlia Murder Case. This case happened in the Philippines and remains as an unsolved murder case. One morning, a garbage man discovered four pieces of cleanly-severed legs on the 30th of May, 1967. After a day, police authority discovered the headless torso. It was discovered that all body parts belonged to Lucila Lalu, owner and manager of a beauty shop. Experts believe that the victim has impeccable surgical skills which may mean that the killer may have medical background.

4. Kumatori Suicides?

During the month of June-July 1992, at least 5 individuals committed suicides under bizarre circumstances. 3/5 individuals involved in the case were friends, and the other 2 are closely acquainted with the 3. There were various strange details associated with the case. All suicides happened within 0.7 mile. The 5 individuals were associated with the motorcycle gang. In one instance, the rope mark of the person who hung himself was found to be horizontal. This is quite interesting since most rope marks should be diagonal. There was also a hanging on a chestnut tree but authorities remains perplexed since they do not discover the object that the person used to reach the tree. Another strange method of suicide involves the girl who acquired a stab wound in the neck and the chest.

5. Monster with 21 Faces

During the 1980’s, a criminal force dubbed as the ‘Monster with 21 Faces’ terrorized the streets of Japan. Their reign of terror lasted for at least 17 months. The case has turned the country upside down and pushed the police authorities to their limits. After more than 30 years, the case has remained unsolved. This is a mysterious organization that is led by an unknown figure. This villain has prompted the authorities to launch the biggest manhunt that Japan has ever known. The incident began last 18th of March, 1984 when two unknown man abducted the CEO of Glico.

The Jars Killer and the Hello Kitty Murder Case may be disturbing but when it comes to bizarre cases, the incidents we mentioned above has baffled different people for ages.

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