3 Tips of Stoicism for Modern Life

Stoicism arose as a philosophy, a way of life similar to religion. This philosophical course has passed through thousands of years, and the teachings of the Stoics continue to be relevant even today. The main goal of ancient Stoicism was to find the best and optimal way of life that would provide a comfortable existence to each person. Despite the fact that the most famous representatives of this trend, such as Seneca, Epictetus, brought their thoughts to the masses several millennia ago, their views and principles are still relevant, and they can be used as a guide for life even in the modern world.

Imagine your life without what you love

Perhaps this is one of the best techniques of the ancient Stoics, which teaches you to appreciate what you have, at the same time allowing a person to understand what is real wealth for him and what values should be protected in the same way as the banker keeps his bills.

This teaching does not call you to stop in your development, to abandon your goals, but at the same time allows you to rethink what you so cherish. Imagine that at one point all your friends will disappear. One you seemed too boring, the other was too silly, the third was hyperactive. But despite the fact that everyone was different, you found a common language and became friends. And now you are alone.

Your second half disappeared too. Although she liked to sort things out, you considered her a good and reliable girlfriend. But now she disappeared. You had a small apartment near the center, but the size of the living space leaves much to be desired, and you often complained about narrow corridors and a dirty driveway. So, you do not have a home either. How do you like this life? Probably, it seems empty, you feel lonely and abandoned. If you do not reassess the values in time, if you can not understand how happy you really are, then at one point there is a risk of losing everything that you have. And it’s not just about material values.

Remember that you are not eternal

Imagine that today is your last day on Earth. How did you spend it? Communicated with friends, was engaged in the fact that you love so much, called your parents, finally gave time to yourself? Most likely, no, because you, like most people, are immersed in constant cares, vanity, where there is almost no place for joy. We live life as if the human age is endless, and you can neglect the priceless minutes, hours, days that are given to each of us. Do not make this mistake – live as if your time is running out; appreciate every joyful moment that you can share with your loved ones because all this can end any second.

When setting goals, do not think about the outcome

When we set a goal, we immediately think about those benefits that its achievement will bring to us. After we begin to represent all the difficulties that we have to overcome, and it is the thoughts about the negative outcome that can hack at the root of even the most ambitious undertakings. But think about this: athletes do not think about defeat when they are intensively trained before competitions – in their minds, there is only a victory. They prepare their body to become the best of the best. Footballers are not afraid of defeat due to the fact that it suddenly began to rain during the match because these athletes were trained in order to win. Do you want to find yourself a good girlfriend? Do not think about where to look for her and how to win her heart – turn yourself into such a guy that every girl would want to be with. Work on yourself, read more, model the situation, create opportunities, so that in the end the result exceeded expectations.

Written by Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!