Sink your teeth into these horror-themed slots & get your ghoul on, today!

Do you have an appetite for gore and ghoulish gameplay? Or is your penchant for horrorcore themes more so based on what’s been made popular by successful television series? Either way, when it comes to horror-themes, it is of no surprise that the creators in the online slots industry have taken to creating quite a few online slots games that in their very essence keep in-line with the spooky, ghoulish themes.

The fact that casino players can readily take a bite out of some of the best gory and ghoulish-themed casino games – on a regular basis – is something that is quite great for any horror fan.

Taking a look at some of the different ghastly online slots games is a great way to shape up your day with some spooky gameplay along the way.

Immortal Romance slot game

This 243 ways to win casino game offering is believed to be loosely based on the book and set of films, namely the Twilight Saga book and film series. Not only did this series take the world by storm, by the igaming world has fallen prey to its beguiling ways as well. Being one of the more popular online slots casino games on offer by a software casino developer this is a downright stalwart in the industry, makes this particular game a must-try for ardent horror-themed online slots enthusiasts.

Which Witch slot game

This particular casino game is an example of the great online slots on offer at mFortune Casino. It can easily be said that this mobile casino is one of the best mobile casino operators and game title developers around. This 5 reels and 15 paylines casino game is also a progressive jackpot slot that accordingly offers the potential of quite a generous payout. Should lady luck be on one’s side, then a whopping £43 000 could very well be the lot for the lucky player in question. Go on, set your sights to a great time and give this online slot a whirl.

Zombies slot game

This 5 reels horror-themed online slots game that comprises 20 paylines is sure to bring a whole world of zombified gaming action to any avid casino online slots game player. This ghoulish casino game will give players the chance to effortlessly go head-to-head with the undead, as well as rack up some free spins action along the way. This very aptly named Zombies slot game is not only entertaining with its well-executed horror-theme, but it also offers players the chance of landing the extra mega win, a feature to aim for during gameplay indeed.

Buster Ghost slot game

Another great online slots offering hailing from the epic mobile gaming casino, mFortune mobile, is the next example of an easy-to-play and oh-so-fun to experience casino game. Buster Ghost slot is bound to keep all those Halloween-enthusiasts quite sated until the day of fun & laughter, synonymous with ghoulish dress-up mania actually comes around. From now until the 31st of October is actually on the horizon of a new day, it is quite the long wait – precisely why this particular online slots game, Buster Ghost remains a perfect online slots game title choice for avid game players to try. With 15 paylines, this 5 reels slot game delivers each and every time, while optimising the gaming experience for the horror-themed game player throughout.

Go ahead and take the leap by jumping into a spooky, yet engaging type of ghoulish gameplay.  Although only a few online slots casino games have made the cut on this list of top horror-themes online slot, it is pivotal to realise that there is, in fact, a whole array of these types of spooky-themed online slots.

Go on, give in to the inner ghoul and go crazy for these great online slots games of horror.

Written by Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!