Truth or Dare Is #3 This Weekend as Rampage and A Quiet Place Battle for #1.

Is Truth or Dare piggybacking off the success of A Quiet Place, last week’s #1 finisher, or is the new horror film just that good? I haven’t seen it yet, so I can’t give my opinion on that, but I can confirm that horror is doing big things in 2018. With Get Out and The Shape of Water sweeping the Oscars, and A Quiet Place just about to cross the $100 million mark, it’s no surprise that Truth or Dare is doing admirably at the box office.

Truth or Dare debuted in theaters this weekend, April 13 to April 15, and it’s already pulling big numbers. Distributed to 3,029 movie screens by Universal, the Jeff Wadlow directed horror film is estimated to have made $19,080,000 in ticket sales this weekend; easily securing the #3 spot in sales. Considering its budget to be only $23,500,000 (production + promo), it’s a safe bet to assume that Truth or Dare will recoup all of its costs and become incredibly lucrative by the week’s end. It should also have no problem maintaining the #3 spot by week’s end assuming it doesn’t putter out or Ready Player One unexpectedly leapfrogs it.

Elsewhere on the charts, monster movie action-thriller Rampage and A Quiet Place battle it out for the #1 spot, a war that will surely continue until the week’s end. As far as this weekend goes, though, Rampage nabbed the #1 spot by only $2,900,000 with $34,500,000 in ticket sales, with A Quiet Place coming in at #2 with $32,600,000 in sales. The latter film’s domestic tally stands at $99,635,000.

What an exciting weekend at the box office!

Top 5 April 13 to April 15:
1 RAMPAGE – $34,500,000
2 A QUIET PLACE – $32,600,000
3 TRUTH OR DARE – $19,080,000
4 READY PLAYER ONE – $11,205,000
5 BLOCKERS – $10,295,000

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN