The Wasteland Zombies – Kill Scene Zombie Nation Music Video

Recently my band ‘The Wasteland Zombies’ released our debut music video called ‘Kill Scene – Zombie Nation’. The music video was written and directed by a local film maker who is currently producing a webseries called ‘Kill Scene’, the film company is called ‘Creeker Films’ and it’s CEO is Jared Carney.

The band was approached by this director to have a music video in this horror webseries.

The Wasteland Zombies are a band that reunited in 2015, the band was originally together in 1992 until 1994 (when I moved out West to Vancouver to work in the music and film industry).

When the band first formed in the 1990’s the whole ‘Zombie’ craze was barely a notion.

Chris Waddell

Written by Mitchell Wells

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