Cyfuno Ventures Officially on the Prowl with Werewolf Tale, “Betsy”

Cyfuno Ventures and Concept Media are teaming up on Shawn Burkett’s latest horror romp, BETSY. The werewolf film’s official synopsis:

After surviving a vicious assault in the city, Betsy moves to the country in hopes of starting over, but as she begins to recover, something begins clawing its way into the moonlight.


Cyfuno will handle worldwide sales of the film and marks the second time Cyfuno and Concept Media have teamed up. Their first collaboration was on the indie smash hit, “DON’T F*CK IN THE WOODS,” which was released on February 13th and has proven to be a monster success.


Cyfuno Ventures, through an official statement told us, “We loved working with Shawn the first time around so there was no hesitation on our part for coming back in to work with him on BETSY as well. The sales process is just getting under way, but interest in the film is already high given Shawn and Concept Media’s stellar track record for producing high quality, fun indie horror titles.”

BETSY is set to premiere at the Motor City Nightmares film festival on April 28th. The film is directed by Shawn Burkett (DON’T F*CK IN THE WOODS), Produced by Chris Gierowski (DON’T F*CK IN THE WOODS) and stars Kelci C. Magel (SUNDAY NIGHT SLAUGHTER), Marylee Osborne (FAILING GRACE), and Jack Norman (THE WICKED ONE).


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Written by Blacktooth

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