Terror in the Stars. Christian Ackerman Returns with ‘Spacelock.’

Karpenter and Terror Vortex filmmaker Christian Ackerman is hard at work on his next feature, a science-fiction horror film titled Spacelock. Described as a no-budget production shot in Hamilton, Montana, and with some resemblance to Alien Covenant, Spacelock follows a small rescue crew who board an abandoned space station after receiving its distress call. What they find inside is horrifying.

Ackerman serves as director based on the script he penned with Will Ponder. Project manager Jessica Downey, art and props director Mike Gibney, composer B.L. Fisher have also been announced as key behind-the-scenes players. Full characters and casting bios will be released soon. Spacelock features special effects by Sirens Studios Effects and it is produced under FastCoast Productions.

Find the trailer below.

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN