NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON — The Lamb Was Sure To Go by Jackie Sonnenberg

Get Your Scare On blogger and horrror-haunt author and actor releases second book in her popular sinister nursery rhymes-themed collection

Jackie Sonnenberg has done it again in her highly anticipated second book of her YRESRUN SEMYHR horror collection.  The Lamb Was Sure To Go is a page-turner thriller that will capture the imagination of every reader across all generations. This suspense-filled book is sure to be the must-read of the summer with a child-character and plot that will have your hair standing on end!

What readers can expect: The Antichrist has been born…and Father Atticus knows it. He sees visions of this evil coming to Earth to let Hell loose. Declared insane and locked up, he is helpless to the dark recesses of his mind and what is happening. Meanwhile, the Antichrist grows stronger and is already making blood sacrifices to Satan himself. Father Atticus knows it is up to him to stop it before it is too late…but how could he ever know he would be up against a little girl and her pet lamb?

“I’m delighted to hear readers are buying copies of The Lamb Was Sure To Go as part of their gift-giving for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!” said author Jackie Sonnenberg who has been writing in the horror genre and performing as a haunted-house actor for over 8 years. “Escaping into a world of the unknown can be a fabulous way to spend an afternoon at the beach or inside on a rainy day!”  Sonnenberg notes that while the books in her collection all share a theme of nursery rhyme re-tellings, they are not sequels and can be read in any order.

The Lamb Was Sure To Go is available on Amazon:


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