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Horror & Dark Fantasy Graphic Novels – Starblood/Psychonaut

What are the graphic novels about? What would you do for the one you love? Satori would travel worlds and battle demons, but however much Star begs, he just can’t let her go. The first and second books in Carmilla Voiez’s acclaimed Starblood trilogy are being brought to life as a graphic novels with art by Anna Prashkovich. Diversity and representation might be current buzzwords, but they are also important. Starblood and Psychonaut, two graphic novels from the Starblood Trilogy are both written by an illustrated by women. It’s a story that has strong women at its heart, with themes of sexuality – including bisexuality, and self-identity. The antagonist is a woman who rages at the world and the protagonists are searching for their places in that world.

What do we need? We need a little under £500 in pledges between now and June 16th to be successful.

What’s in it for backers? Backers can choose from a variety of rewards from digital wallpaper and paperback graphic novels to having their image in our next book. There are 21 reward packages to choose from.

What next? If you want more information, check out my latest blog post for everything you need to know about Starblood and Psychonaut graphic novels. You could win a signed poster (see post for details). You can support Anna, me and our project by pledging as little as £1. There are dozens of amazing rewards for backers. Show your love by being one of our early backers and by sharing the news.

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