Games we’d like to see follow the AR route, just like The Walking Dead – Our World Game

Taking a look at the latest game title AR offering, horror-themed and making all kinds of waves, The Walking Dead’s Our World Game powered by Google Maps as well, is a level of top-notch AR gameplay that is unlike anything it’s kind, as yet.

Perhaps the best thing about this particular AR game is the fact that it holds a sense of hope and a furthering towards like gaming titles that could offer even more players even more moment of exhilarated fun & games, that remains interactive, engaging and problem-solving as a premise throughout, to also encourage bi-lateral thinking within the player involved.

Specifically delving into the world of Augmented Reality and how horrification is a thing these days, and how this very ‘thing’ is a solid bottom-line bringer, basically: gamers like to be frightened it seems, and horror-themed games are par for the course for many soon-to-come game titles of the Augmented Reality persuasion.

Altogether, AR gaming holds many physical benefits, as well as pure game functionality type of focal points, where analysis of and testing as well, provides results that are favorable, if not also enjoyable to the recipient in question. Thus meaning that not only is AR gaming considered to be ample amounts of interactivity meets ample amounts of engagement factors too, all wrapped up neatly in a package that is lightweight enough to be enjoyed via smartphones, gaming apps and gaming sites accordingly.

For example, users may easily want to access a horror-themed game title that is on offer at a gaming site they frequent. Let’s take the slot game: Jurassic Park slot as an example, assuming it is available for gameplay via top reputable sites; the Party Casino slot game offerings, for instance, have many of these types of horror-themed games on offer a plenty. These being a great example of the type of game titles that would make for wonderful AR gameplay too. When one chooses to play a game via one’s usual gaming portal when the said game is able to be played via AR gameplay – how much more enjoyable would the entire gameplay experience be, we wonder? We suspect it would only make thing way more fun & interactive.

Just picture it: the infamous T-Rex and his footsteps in vibration, the water ripples in the water-cup, cue the heavy breathing and misted-over with heavy-in-breathe-type captured moments, and how simulated via taking google maps (maybe) in consideration (as with The Walking Dead AR gameplay), one’s very own environment in which they find themselves in may very well be transformed into a gameplay mecca where Jurassic World meets YOUR world, at the click of a button.

It’s quite mind-boggling indeed to think that the future is so far down the ‘rabbit-hole’, as it were, and we are right here, on the precipice of such great innovations and technological advancements, that are fast becoming regular norms. That is to say, that in order to imagine a world where even more horror-themed AR games are on offer, that reality is ever more becoming a very real maybe possibility.

So, without further ado, here is a list of some rather dope video game titles we think would fare quite spectacularly if it were to be reimagined as a type of AR game title as well:

  1. Immortal Romance slot – a Microgaming classic that is quite loosely based on the Twilight Saga, and would, therefore, explain its immense popularity all around.
  2. Any Playtech-Marvel slot game, as these are usually really up there in terms of graphics, and we’d love to see our reality augmented in such a way we experience some Avenger action AR styles
  3. Jurassic Park slot – also a Microgaming creation. As mentioned quite briefly above, just imagining being able to play J-Park in an AR type of platform and functionality is enough to make one want to set up any AR game, just to start getting the practice in.
  4. Call of Duty – Xbox One styles, when combined with an AR functionality – we can only imagine the type of mayhem (good mayhem) bound to unfold with this combo.
  5. Halo – ‘Microsoft’s signature game offering that keeps gaining in its popularity – imagine an AR rendition? Woah now! That’s all we’re going to say. A gamers dream come true, anyone?

We can’t wait to see the many other great game titles to come. AR gaming is indeed an exciting prospect, with exciting times to come for sure. We’re continuing to watch this space, enjoying the ride to better gameplay moments all the way.

Written by Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!

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