“Dog Will Hunt” – “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Fan Film (Crowd Funding)

PLOT: Ten years after Sally’s Escape from the Sawyer farm, she’s back and on a mission with her trigger happy cousins to find and kill each and every Sawyer left. But while Sally and her family hunt down the Sawyer’s, the cannibals are hunting their own prey.

From the Kickstarter page:

In 2016, we made a short fan film titled “Sally’s Escape From Hell” and fans from all over the world loved it!

Now we want to give fans what they keep telling us they want us to give them. A full length Texas Chainsaw Fan film! This fan film will be called “DOG WILL HUNT” and will  act as a direct sequel to Hooper’s original film. It will feature Chop Top, Drayton, Sally and let’s not forget, the infamous  LEATHERFACE. You may be thinking that six grand isn’t enough to make something worth while but what you have to consider is that the above short film was made in two days with a zero dollar budget. All the props and costumes are already owned. Along with that, we have learned over years of making films how to make them fast, cheap and efficient without loss of quality. So if interested in donating, please know that every dollar helps. And If we don’t get all the funding, we get non of it.

Like with any other project, there will be challenges that will get in the way. But with three feature films under our belts as well as dozens of short films, we have become masters of the D.I.Y. film making way. Any challenge we face is no match to the determination, focus, skill and talent we possess.

Written by Blacktooth

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