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Half Bear. Half Barracuda. All Action. Vulgar Films Formally Announces No Budget Horror Short BEARACUDA.

New Poster Reveal for No Budget Horror Short BEARACUDA

Bearacuda is the first short of many planned from Vulgar Films. Vulgar Films was founded in 2016 by Horror Society’s Mac Brewer and former Bloody Banter & Bazaar reviewer Ryan Musick with the goal in mind to create low budget films that they both love so much.

Mac is an avid horror fan but appreciates other genres and that shows with Bearacuda. With this short Mac wants to tackle the bigfoot films of the 70s while paying tribute to the early works of Chris Seaver, Troma, and Rock Bottom Video. As the title suggests, the film will focus on a killer half bear half barracuda that mercilessly slaughters campers in the West Virginia wilderness. The film will be full of humor, horribly written dialogue, and could be deemed offensive if you’re lame.

So far, Brandy Mason has been cast in the film and will serve as executive producer. The movie will feature music from Matt Mullins & The Bringdowns and Foz Rotten & His Dirty Scoundrels. Props, wardrobe and effects will be handled by Chris Sizemore, with the barracuda mask coming from DWN Productions.

The film is currently hosting a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. There are several perks for those that contribute, which range from a Thank You in the film’s credits and IMDB to a producer’s credit. Donate here:

Bearacuda received its first poster courtesy of artist Mitch Dolan.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)