Mark Del Negro Promises Zombie Bears If You Help Him Fund Horror Film ‘Dead Town.’

Every town has its secrets, the small New England Town of Russeltown, VT has one too many.

Brought to you from the director of indie cult classic BLOOD RESERVOIR comes a new tale that should take the horror genre and beyond by storm. Starring KENDRA LUST in her first horror film role playing one of the stories’ protagonists, Sheriff Patricia Grealey. We are asking fans to help make this the best film possible. Funding for the production is already secured, however we need your help in adding more billable names to the cast, but most importantly, we need wicked cool special effects. We’re talking massive fires and explosions, zombies, zombie bears and other creatures harrowing through the night while gorgeous babes like KENDRA kill them! Yes, we seriously have a zombie bear! We already had a stop motion puppet made and his movement scenes have been recorded. We went old school Ray Harryhausen Practical Effects style on this one.

SYNOPSIS: It’s a beautiful late New England Fall day when two international college students go missing on an afternoon jog. The general consensus by local law enforcement is they ran into dangerous wild life as black bears roam the surrounding forests. Meanwhile, two yuppies venture off into a nearby rural community adjacent to where the joggers have gone missing. As they realize something is off center, they soon discover that there has been an explosion at the nearby RUSSELTOWN NUCLEAR POWER PLANT and encounter several disfigured people who seem to have an acquired taste for human limbs and brains. They conclude that the power plant employees have been infected by the immediate blast through radiation and other townspeople as well. Therefore, they must fight off thousands of flesh eating zombies and avoid radioactive materials that are now airborne in order to live another day.

Camille Clark, Emma Mackenzie, Andi Balser, Nat Sylva and Ian Lyons will also star.

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)