90s-Styled Shooter ‘Hellbound’ Reaches 50% of Its Kickstarter Goal.

Halfway to Hell: 90s-styled shooter Hellbound reaches 50% of its funding goal

Hellbound has secured more than 300 backers in three weeks and while Kickstarter has been a hell of a ride so far, Saibot Studios is optimistic because the campaign is getting a lot of traction this days. Besides, the open beta version of the game, Hellbound: Survival Mode (now available on Steam for free) has a rating of “Very Positive” with more than 86% of favorable reviews. Gamers are ready for fast-packed gory action more than never!

Kickstarter updates give insight into development process. Want to know more about weapon modelling, soundtrack composition and other making of secrets? All blog entries are available to backers and non-backers alike here.

Hellbound is a ‘90s FPS, made 20 years later with old-school gameplay, and new-school quality. Remember when shooters were brutally hard, fast-paced, and violent? Imagine that rendered grotesquely in Unreal Engine 4. In the Survival Mode, Hellgore smashes and blasts monsters in a wave-based arena, reveling in chaos as heavy metal and industrial music chugs in the background. Every wave summons hordes of enemies to cleave through.

For more information, please explore Hellbound’s official siteTwitterFacebook, and Steam forums.

Hellbound on Kickstarter:

About Saibot Studios: Saibot Studios is an indie developer based in various parts of Argentina. With a small budget and a huge effort, the team created the Doorways series, a horror saga. Now they want to bring their love of ‘90s shooters to the forefront, marrying their goals of making games for hardcore gamers and simple-yet-satisfying mechanics.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)