Award-winning filmmakers and founders of the Vancouver-based horror
production company Bad Cookie Pictures, Ariel Hansen and Topher Graham, are launching their newest
project: the BC is Creepy Podcast. Their first episode, about one of Vancouver’s most famous cold cases is
now available on iTunes and Google Play and is for anyone interested in the darker underbelly of BC’s
history (but certainly not for the faint of heart).

The idea for the podcast arose when Hansen and Graham were researching an upcoming film project. The
duo wanted to write a script focused on a spooky story set in BC – something that would shed light on the
darker history of the province – when their research revealed a plethora of stories they could use. “There
are so many interesting, true and creepy stories that come straight from our backyard – it would be a shame
not to share them with the world,” commented Hansen.

Since 2016, the two have been actively making short films and promotional videos. With a desire to expand
their storytelling repertoire – they decided the best format to share these spooky BC stories would be via
podcast. “We’ve been experimenting with different mediums – notably short film and virtual reality – but
we’ve always been huge fans of podcasts and the potential they bring for sharing stories in an interesting
way,” stated Graham. Some of their favourite podcasts include Last Podcast on the Left and My Favourite
Murder – which they hope to emulate in BC is Creepy.

“We’ve added our usual quirky Bad Cookie signature and are curious to hear what fans – new and old –
think,” Hansen mentioned. The duo have already lined up a number of spooky stories to share including
The Boozin’ Barber and Vancouver Island’s First Cult.
Give BC is Creepy a listen on iTunes or Google Play. New episodes will be released Fridays.

Written by Blacktooth

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