HI-DEATH, HI-8 Sequel Packs An Even Bigger Punch!

“HI-DEATH”, the sequel to 2013’s popular indie horror anthology “Hi-8”, is currently making the rounds at various screenings and festivals around the world.  So far, the film has played at the New Jersey Horror Con Film Festival, Paracinema Fest in the UK, The Weekend of Fear in Germany and at the Skyline Drive-in as part of the Indie SINsations film series.  It will also be screening in August at the Tampa Bay Screams Film Festival.


HI-DEATH’s directors’ lineup includes features returning Hi-8 alumni Tim Ritter (TRUTH OR DARE), Todd Sheets (DREAMING PURPLE NEON) and Brad Sykes (CAMP BLOOD) as well as new talents Anthony Catanese (SODOMANIAC) and Amanda Payton (THE CRAWLER).  Like Hi-8, HI-DEATH is executive produced by Nightfall Pictures’ Josephina Sykes and Brad Sykes.


As a bonus for Italian horror fans, HI-DEATH also features CEMETERY MAN star Fabiana Formica’s return to horror films in her first genre film in twenty-five years.


Like Hi-8, HI-DEATH places a strong emphasis on personal creativity and back to basics filmmaking.  Filmmakers once again shot on location using practical special effects. Unlike its predecessor, HI-DEATH is shot entirely in HD, and the segments are longer in order to give each filmmaker a chance to explore more complex themes and storylines.


More screening and release info coming soon!


HI-DEATH synopsis:


From the makers of “Hi-8”, five new tales to blow your mind!  When two young women take the “Terror Tour” through the underbelly of Hollywood, they are led into a bizarre world of unspeakable horror.  Their first stop proves that “Death Has a Conscience”, but doesn’t spare the unlucky souls who stumble into his path.  Next, a meeting with the “Dealers of Death” exposes the perils of collecting murder memorabilia.  Then, it’s off to a quick “Night Drop”, where your next movie rental may be your last.  An actress’ worst nightmare unfolds as she is forced to perform a terrifying “Cold Read”, and our Terror Tour comes to a disturbing end as we meet the ancient, seductive evil known as “The Muse”.

Written by Blacktooth

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