Superhero Horror Comic UNITED THEY STAND Hits Amazon Kindle.

When the mysterious and deadly serial killer, known only as The Dollman is found lurking in the streets of Republic City, the Centurion, aided by her friends, Phantom Faye, the Avenger and the Specialist, stop at nothing to catch him. But there is more than meets the eye with this masked mad man. Can the heroes of the BCU stop the methodical murderer, or will they too fall victim to the Dollman’s brutality?

Picking up where both METHODIC (2009) and the Phantom Faye (2015) YouTube web-series left off, UNITED THEY STAND is a crossover event that links all of the BCU superheroes to Blinky Productions’ first feature film. The idea was to create one definitive universe. Whether it be a film, a web-series, or a comic book, everything takes place in the same world.

All content and media is written and produced by Chris R. Notarile.


You can learn more about METHODIC and the BCU here: and

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)