Sending Support and Well Wishes to Author Brian Keene.

Author Brian Keene is known around the world for writing over four dozen novels, almost all of them sitting comfortably in the realms of horror and science fiction. His most popular titles include City of the Dead, The Complex, Dark Hollow, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Dead Sea and Urban Gothic. In recent years, his stories have started being adapted into motion picture movies. Although Mr. Keene is a name talent and one of horror’s most celebrated authors, he is also without health insurance due to the way his chosen industry works. That’s what makes it so difficult when coming to terms with the news of his unfortunate accident earlier this week.

Two hours ago, an update was posted on his Facebook page, which reads, “Good morning. Brian here. Will be in burn ward for foreseeable future. Some of what they thought were 2nd degree are 3rd. Will get idea of muscle damage today. Infection a concern since I was covered in mud. I have a notebook to write in and Mary brought me Paul Tremblay’s latest (to finish) and Stephen King’s THE STAND (my fave). Thanks to Stephen Kozeniewski and Joe Ripple for setting up the GoFundMe. Like many creatives, I don’t have health insurance—so that will help, as will book and audiobook sales (I get royalties very regularly). Stephen is in charge of my literary estate, so I reckon this is a good practice run for him. The pain is pretty intense, even with morphine, so don’t know how good I’ll be at answering your Tweets and emails but know that I appreciate it. I continue to have the most kick ass readers and fans ever. As well as the most kick ass girlfriend and sons and friends. Love you all.”

According to BleedingCool, Brian was burning the brush in his yard in Pennsylvania when the wind shifted, causing him to become engulfed in flames. As a community of freaks and outcasts, it’s important to stick by one of our own – and Brian needs our help. Folks, this is a worthy GoFundMe campaign. If you’ve ever been entertained by one of his stories, or if you’ve ever felt alone but found one of his titles to keep you company at night, please consider donating to Brian’s GoFundMe campaign at the link below.

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN