Help actress Peggy Neal return in new kaiju film (Crowd Funding)

From the Kickstarter page:

Hi everyone my name is Avery Guerra and I work as a genre film Publicist and sometimes Producer but I’m a fanboy first and foremost. My first love are the kaiju films from Japan. Ever since I was a child I have always loved them and the actors that star in them. After working for many years in the industry with over 150 credits in film I am finally getting to fulfill my lifelong dream of working on a feature length Japanese kaiju film thanks to director Hiroto Yokokawa and 3Y Film. I recently joined the crew of their exciting new kaiju film The Great Buddha Arrival(Daibutsu Kokaiku) as Publicist and Consulting Producer. The film is a reboot of a lost classic 1934 film from Japan which is quite possibly the first kaiju film. After a very successful fundraiser in Japan to where we reached over 148% of our goal and my joining the team the film project has really grown and we have secured an incredible cast of some of kaiju cinema’s most beloved and familiar faces including legendary actor Akira Takarada, Yukijiro Hotaru, Shelley Sweeney and more! The film is fully funded and ready to go as we start shooting in August!

For years now I, like many others, have been searching extensively/obsessively for one of the most beloved classic actresses of the subgenre that after her short stint in Japanese fantasy films of the late 60’s like “X- From Outer Space” and “Terror Beneath The Sea” just disappeared off the face of the planet. She became one of Japanese cinema’s biggest mysteries. Yes, I’m talking about blonde bombshell actress Peggy Neal! While helping to cast up our film I stopped and thought of how great it would be if I could finally find her and get her to be in this film so I figured I’d give another search a go… Well, after many years of dead ends and false leads I finally found her!! Though I couldn’t quite get in touch with her as she’s a very private person and so I reached out to someone very close to her to make the introduction and pitch to her.

Through a dear friend of her’s, we were able to track down Peggy. Although she has shied away from the limelight for decades, Peggy was intrigued by the story and the project. As Peggy is a Buddhist and has deep affection for Japan, we were able to persuade her to revisit her former life as a Kaiju star. “There just seems to be some karmic symmetry to this project, this time, this place, that is so compelling,” said Peggy.

Yes so not only did I find her but I just went for it and even offered her a role in our film and believe it or not she said yes!!

However, there’s one little roadblock in the way to fulfilling mine as well as many, many other kaiju fans’ dreams of seeing her back in action…While the original campaign in Japan successfully raised the funding in order to get this film properly made and even some extra funds that were used to secure some really great talent our budget is stretched now. This is where we really could use your help to get Peggy Neal to the set of our film so she can once again grace the screen in our exciting new all star kaiju film. These funds will go towards covering Peggy and her traveling assistant’s airfare, hotel, meals, and fees. Of course any amount we’re able to raise with your help past our goal will go to the crew and production to make the best film possible. Peggy is very excited about the possibility of working on this film. We now reach out to you the fans and hope that you’ll show Peggy the fan love she deserves for giving us such fun performances and pitch in to help us all realize this dream of our’s.

Written by Blacktooth

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