Blu Review – The Devil Incarnate

Director – Paul Naschy (The Night of the Executioner, The Beast and the Magic Sword)
Starring – Paul Naschy, Sara Lezana (Gunfight at Red Sands, Mortal Sin), and David Rocha (Killing of the Dolls, You Are a Traitor and I’ll Kill You)
Release Date – 1979
Rating – 3.5/5
Blu Release – 4/5

A few days ago I sat down and had a Mondo Macabro marathon where I worked through four films they had sent me to review.  Sadly, life got away from me and my reviews had to take the back seat for a few weeks.  In the last few days I reviewed Spider, The Fox with the Velvet Tail, and The Blood Spattered Bride.  All three were amazing films but The Fox with the Velvet Tail was fantastic.  Easily my favorite Mondo release to date.

I wanted to finish the marathon out with another Paul Naschy flick I had yet to see.  This 1979 tale, El Caminante, aka The Devil Incarnate, looked fucking awesome and I couldn’t wait to check it out.  Thank you Mondo for sending it my way!

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a traveler who could possibly be the devil himself who wonders the countryside robbing, killing, and raping.  He encounters several travelers who he swindles and several women who falls prey to his love making.  He eventually encounters a young man who he takes under his wing.  The two continue on their journey and eventually land a spot in a brothel where they win the affection of the whores but the way of mankind has a funny way of showing its dark side and the traveler finds it the hard way.**Spoiler Alert**

I’ve seen some truly amazing Paul Naschy films and then I’ve seen some horrible movies that I was shocked Naschy agreed to be apart of.  Many fans of Naschy had reached out to me or commented on other Naschy reviews I posted to tell me to check out El Caminante.  I could never find a decent copy for a decent price but once Mondo announced a released I was excited.

The acting in this one is great.  The supporting cast does a solid job in their performance.  Some outdid others but that doesn’t mean some is bad.  It simply means others were more dedicated than others.  The real star here is once again Paul Naschy.  Naschy absolutely kills it and delivers a damn near bone chilling performance at times.  At others his character is rather over the top and ambitious.  I really enjoyed his character and I can see why so many told me to review this one.

The story for this one was simple and pretty straight forward.  I’m not the brightest star in the sky so overcomplicated movies typically go over my head.  Lucky for me this one was well written, flowed well, and didn’t over complicate things.

Finally, the film does have a few on screen deaths that are very lackluster.  They have minimal special effects.  Sadly, the deaths take the back seat in this one.  Overall, The Devil Incarnate is a fantastic film and a must for any Naschy fan.  Check out the release from Mondo Macabro.

Special Features:
4K Transfer
Intro by Paul Naschy
A Tour of Paul Naschy’s Study

Written by Blacktooth

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