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With a campaign running on Kickstarter now through July 17th at

The team are offering film fans Executive Producer credit with the chance to go the premiere at the Walter Reade Theater at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, NYC; Limited Edition Posters; one of a kind on-set disposable camera photos and much more! In just a few short hours since its launch, the project gained a Kickstarter ‘Project We Love’ badge. The filmmakers hope to raise $20,000 USD to cover the costs of the cast and crew; locations, food and transportation, equipment and post.

Created by : Director, Ashley George (US) (‘SOMETIMES FOREVER, Outfest); Co-Producer, Diana Mata (MX) (MEMORIES OF A STRIP CLUB, Ariel Nominated and screened 20 countries); production company Enfant & Poulet (MX) (BEA Palm Springs Short Film Festival, Morelia Film festival) alongside Producer, Maya Korn (US) (AU). Starring Ruth Ramos , (THE UNTAMED, LA REGIÓN SALVAJE, winner at Venice Film Festival, San Sebastian and the Ariel Awards). Production designed by Julieta Jimenez (NARCOS, QUEEN OF THE SOUTH).


EX VOTO is a cerebral female revenge film set in working-class Mexico City, and centered on 17-year-old Mexicana Nayeli (played by Venice Film festival award winning / Ariel award nominated Ruth Ramos) and  how she finds her power following a brutal assault.  While the film is set in CDMX, we’re examining rape culture in patriarchal societies around the globe, and the relationship between gender and power on a universal scale.


Logline:  After surviving a brutal assault, an enigmatic 17-year-old Mexican girl finds retribution through her untapped female power and local witch culture.

Coming Up with EX VOTO

‘Ex Voto’ was initially conceived as a response to the US presidential election race. We couldn’t believe the racist, sexist comments and actions we were being bombarded with daily from an apparently viable presidential candidate.

We were drawn to Mexico, thinking we would create a protest film. We spent a month researching and speaking to people about our ideas. During our conversations, we found women in the close knit Catholic suburbs of Mexico City are treated very poorly with little sense of female community. The statistic that 7 women die daily in Mexico as a result of ‘feminicidio’ (femicide) came up continually and the film grew into a story that aims to raise awareness about the global problem of sexual violence against women.

Our hope is that this short will empower women everywhere to stand up for themselves and know they are not alone.

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