Daileas Duclo Horror Poetry Collection ‘Nightmare Gallery’ Now on Kindle.

Nightmare Gallery Kindle Edition Now Available

Nightmare Gallery is a new book of horror poems from author Daileas Duclo. The Kindle Edition is now available on Amazon. You can get your copy at Galerie des Cauchemars : Nightmare Gallery Kindle Edition.

This book is a collection dedicated to the genre of horror. In this collection, Nightmare Gallery has created a gallery of nightmarish entities and locations like nothing this world has ever seen. Monsters prey on your psyche. They will haunt your dreams. This gallery is not for the faint of heart. This is a magnum opus to the world of horror literature produced in poetic verse. Prepare to step out of the multiverse and into the Nightmare Gallery. Come on in. We’ve been waiting…

I based this collection on some of the darkest thoughts I’ve had. I stared into the headlong abyss of horror, suspense, and science fiction to find these beasts dancing along the periphery of my mind’s eye. If you possess a predilection for the darkness or you have known the power of fear you will find yourself in my Nightmare Gallery.” – Daileas Duclo

Now Available:

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)