Blu Review – Death Wish II & Death Wish 3

Death Wish II

He’s planning to clean up the city.  His way!

Director – Michael Winner (The Sentinel, The Mechanic)
Charles Bronson (Breakout, St. Ives), Jill Ireland (Star Trek, Hard Times), and Vincent Gardenia (Little Shop of Horrors, The Twilight Zone)
Release Date – 1982
Rating 3.5/5

I watch a several horror movies during my week.  No one can argue that I don’t love the genre.  My whole life has been dedicated to horror but I do find myself burnt out on my beloved genre from time to time.  Some of you may notice that I review five to ten horror films and then take a break for a few days where I often check out some sort of exploitation flick.

I have a special place in my heart for 80s action films especially those made famous by Cannon.  Not long ago the Australian company Umbrella Entertainment sent of Death Wish 2 & 3 in a double feature blu set.  I had never seen these films before and used this as an opportunity to check out this classic series.  Thank you Umbrella for sending this one my way!

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows Paul Kersey (Bronson) who has put the past behind him and has moved to L.A. to rebuild his life with his daughter who is still recovering from the gang rape she endured years earlier.  Kersey loses his wallet after a gang pickpockets him and decide to pay his house a visit.

They find the maid inside and they gangrape her while they wait for Kersey to arrive.  When Kersey and his daughter arrive at their home they are confronted and Kersey is knocked out.  They kidnap his daughter and rape her.  Once they have finished she jumps through the window and kills herself.  When Kersey comes to he finds the news and he returns to his killing ways.**Spoiler Alert**

I really enjoyed the first Death Wish.  It wasn’t as amazing as what people had lead me to believe but it was worth my time.  I was curious where the sequel would take me.  It does rehash most of the plot from the first film but it still entertained which is all I can ask for.

The acting is exactly what you got in the first film.  The supporting cast tries their best to deliver memorable characters while moving the story along whine Bronson shambles through every scene emotionless.  He has a right to be emotionless given the story but he never changes facial expressions throughout the entire film.

The story for this one is more of the original film.  We once again follow a gang who rape and murder leaving Kersey in an emotional spot.  Very little in way of plot changes but we do get a little more in the way of murder which is perfect for the action and horror fan with a soft spot for exploitation.

Finally, this one has several on screen kills that are brutal in nature but nothing original that we haven’t seen before.  The kills are once again gun shots which required very little effects and some blood.  Overall, Death Wish II may not deliver something different but it does entertain.  Check it out.

Death Wish 3

He’s back in New York bringing justice to the streets

Director – Michael Winner (Death Wish, The Mechanic)
Charles Bronson (The Dirty Dozen, The Magnificent Seven), Deborah Raffin (Grizzly II: The Concert, The Sentinel), and Ed Lauter (King Kong, Cujo)
Release Date – 1985
Rating -4/5

If I like a movie I tend to watch the sequel, prequel, remake, whatever with some excitement.  While most people bitch and moan about a new film I go into it expecting a good time.  I had never seen the first Death Wish film until recently and once I saw it I was a fan.  Sure, it wasn’t nowhere near as good as people made me believe but it still entertained.

The sequel was more of the first film with nothing new but it was just as fun.  Sadly, because the second film didn’t offer up anything new I was a little burnt out of the Paul Kersey story after just two film.  I decided to push on through and check out the second film on the Death Wish double feature.  This third entry in the film would become my favorite of the series.  Thank you Umbrella for the hook up!

**Spoiler Alert**The film once again follows Kersey who is visiting NYC to see an old war buddy.  Right as Kersey enters the apartment building his friend is murdered by a gang.  The police find him standing over the body and accuse him of doing it.  They rough him up but eventually the inspector recognizes him.  With crime on the rise in the city he lets Kersey go if he can help them clean up the city.  Kersey settles into his old friends apartment and sets his sight on the gang responsible for the death of his friend.**Spoiler Alert**

Death Wish 3 may not break the mold for the series but it definitely made it even more fun.  This installment could have been extremely bland but DW3 made it over the top and fun.

The acting in this one was way more enjoyable than the first two.  The cast seemed to embrace the exploitation and really got into their roles.  Their characters are fun and you wont be forgetting them anytime soon.  Also, Bronson fucking smiles.  Not a little smirk like in the other films but a real fucking smile.  I think he may have this acting thing down now.

The story for this one breaks away from the rape and revenge of the first two films.  Instead, it went down the gang war film similar to 1990: Bronx Warrior.  I absolutely loved the way this series turned and I loved the story given to us.

Finally, the film does has some on screen kills.  These kills are just like the other two films and deliver gun shots that require minimum effects.  Overall, Death Wish 3 is fucking fantastic.  I could have used a little more blood but I still loved it.  Check it out.

Blu Release – 4/5

Special Features:
Death WishII Unrated tDirector’s Cut
Death Wish 3 Unrated Theatrical Cut
TV Spots
Action II: Making of Featurette

Written by Blacktooth

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