Review: Jeremy Wechter’s E-Demon (One of the Best Found Footage Films of the Year)

In a few weeks, Unfriended: Dark Web will finish its theatrical run in the United States. If you were a fan of that movie, then I suggest checking out a similar one coming out this Fall titled E-Demon. Based on the screenplay from Jeremy Wechter, E-Demon is perhaps more supernatural than the Blumhouse franchise, and follows four college buddies who find themselves growing apart long after graduation. On this night, though, their bond will be tested as they get together for an annual group chat – filled with stories, pranks and lots of drinking. Unbeknownst to them, their cyber celebration awakens a clever demon that’s been trapped for centuries, just waiting to get out and wreak havoc. The demon can possess multiple people at once, and it uses the friends as pawns in its sick and twisted game. Now, they can only watch through their computer cameras as the body count rises and their trust in each other wanes. Julia Kelly, Christopher Daftsios, Ryan Redebaugh, John Anthony Wylliams, Lindsay Goranson, Jessica Renee Russell, Cedric Cannon and Vincent Cooper star in this voyeuristic, supernatural thriller from Dark Cuts, Petri Entertainment and director Jeremy Wechter.

E-Demon sees the start of The Quad Murders, an event that will live on in infamy – and potentially spawn another movie. It’s straight forward horror and it feels like a user based version of Truth or Dare. Jeremy Wechter’s directorial debut absolutely accomplishes what it set out to do, and that’s mix technology with the supernatural in an invigorating way. Shooting the movie as a found footage feature, a style of production that I typically hate, fit so perfectly with the atmosphere and how the spread of evil reached each corner, each friend. It spills out onto the streets and threatens the entire world, and it was just… great. When I first started my viewing, I thought, “eh, I really don’t care about any of these people.” Although all of the actors pulled in superb performances, that statement still rings true – but the horror that happens to them and the random people nearby was startling and enthralling. Watching their computer feeds through my computer made me feel like a fly on the wall, and delivered a shocking, full-body experience. True film-making, even in the found footage genre.

Hell, E-Demon could even be considered a snuff film of sorts if you take out the demonic entity. The actors portray their roles so well that you feel like you’re watching real people get knocked off. It’s crazy. Props to Wetcher and producers Michael Gonzalez, PJ Starks and Emily Pojman for making all the right judgement calls behind-the-scenes, resulting in a movie that’s successfully frightening and suspenseful. E-Demon is seeing its VOD release this Fall and I honestly can’t think of a better way to watch it than on the computer. It’s like bringing the plot full circle and casting the demon upon yourself. With crazy realistic performances, a chaotic plot, and a maniacal evil that’s out for blood – damn, E-Demon is one of the best found feature films of 2018. And it takes a lot for me to say that. It’s best watched with the lights off, without white noise, and with your full attention. I guarantee the time will fly by and you’ll finish the movie wondering if you’re really alone on the computer. Excellent job to all those involved. Final Score: 7.5 out of 10.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)