New Trailer: Wolf Creek Season Two

Season Two of “Wolf Creek” will be available on Pop TV this October

Mick Taylor has gotten away with murder more times than he can count, and he feels untouchable. In season two, Mick seizes the opportunity after a chance encounter with a bus full of tourists setting out for an outback adventure of a lifetime. After silently taking out the tour guide, Mick’s twisted plan rapidly unfolds, trapping the tourists in a horrifyingly violent game where growing terror and extreme weather make every moment a battle for survival. Executive produced and directed by creator Greg McLean (“Wolf Creek” films, “The Belko Experiment,”), this limited series embraces the simplicity and authenticity of the original Wolf Creek movie by delving deep into the depraved insanity of its central and most compelling character – the unhinged serial killer Mick Taylor.

Written by Blacktooth

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