Where Are They Now? : Barbara Magnolfi

Everyone is talking about the Suspiria remake hitting theaters on October 26th 2018, so I decided to dedicate this installment in my WHERE ARE THEY NOW column to one of the original movie’s stars, Barbara Magnolfi. Born in France in April 1955, Barbara conquered many careers in the entertainment industry before becoming an actress. She grew up as a dancer and a model, which eventually lead her to performing in 1969. She was a background and bit part player in many movies, including The Suspicious Death of a Miner (1975), before she booked the co-starring role of Olga in Dario Argento’s Suspiria (1977). One of the biggest cult classics of all time, Suspiria sees Barbara, as Olga, as one of the students at a prestigious and mysterious dance academy whose students fall victim to grizzly deaths. Following Suspiria, Barbara starred in another Italian horror film titled The Sister of Ursula (1978). For the next few years, Magnolfi continued to act, as seen in crime-thriller Cut and Run (1985), but eventually she retired from acting in 1991.

So, where is Barbara Magnolfi now?

After 22 years away from the camera, Barbara returned in a supporting role in the star-studded, independent horror film Disciples (2013). She was featured in Violent Shit: The Movie (2015) before playing a medium in two episodes of “My Haunted House” 2015. The show is currently growing in popularity, and it’s possible that you can catch her episodes as reruns on television soon. In 2016, Barbara played herself in a movie titled Blood on Melies Moon. Celebrated for her roles in the Italian horror film scene, Magnolfi is invited to horror film conventions all around the world; although her last appearance was in October 2017. Keep an eye on her website for updates including public appearances and new film roles at

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)