Swedish Cult Movie Maker Jonas Wolcher Releases ‘A Life Pretending’ Music Video

Swedish cult movie maker Jonas Wolcher launches his first music video this year. This time, he brings you to the movies in “A Life Pretending” with The Swedish duo Mechatronic. It’s the band’s consist of singer Wilhelm Äretun and keyboardist Emma Hortlund upcoming single and latest music video. Emma plays a bored cleaning droid at a theater who gets out in the night to discover the city of Gothenburg.

AN UPTEMPO TUNE WITH A SAD STORY: Jonas is known for his really crazy videos and movies, such as the cult classic DIE ZOMBIEJÄGER (2005). The story about “A Life Pretending” is a lonely cleaning droid who wants to leave her home and seek adventure. The song itself is a real uptempo song, but by adding a sad touch to the pictures, it really puts it to another level and time. Jonas always takes a lot of time to improve a music video.

Jonas: “What I’ve learned from the features I’ve directed or produced is that time is always of the essence, but when creating art such as music videos or paintings, you put your body and soul onto a journey to someplace you probably never been before, that takes a lot of effort and hours. I try to make videos no one have seen before and leave a piece of me inside. With Mechatronic’s, that was exactly how I felt while producing the video. The final result has become something much stronger than the previous drafts. It had to wait and see, just feast your eyes to the warm colors in the cinema compared to the cold and unfriendly outside. I think we nailed it this time.”

Even in this video, we have the actor Malte Aronsson playing the theater manager. Malte has been in Jonas previous music videos and played in his controversial CANNIBAL FOG (2014).

Emma: “It was a long, cold and very fun day when we recorded the music video to A Life Pretending. We started filming the “live clip”, showing in the movie theater, dressed in summer clothes. We swept us in warm blankets between the takes, but were still ice cold after a while, and Emma in her sleeveless dress could hardly play on the keyboard with her stiff fingers. On film, we looked all red nosed and frozen, with bright red fingers to white keys, but that freezing feeling was nicely removed afterward in the color setting.”

David Eric Nilsson: “I was the cam-operator, did all the grading, eyes and some of the editing. The hardest thing for me was to keep my fingers warm during the shooting. That morning in January was a very sunny but chilly one. Below zero temperature and a icing breeze was the weather we worked in.

A COSTUME FOR A DROID: The robot suit created by prop designer Gustav Ljungdahl wasn’t much warmer, and since the robot scenes was recorded later in the evening, the temperature had dropped even further. Emma was at first a bit nervous about acting in front of the camera, but with the professional coaching by the experienced director Jonas Wolcher, it was no problem when the time came. It was a good thing she could feel comfortable in the situation, since the robot suit attracted both eyes and comments. Especially at McDonalds where we went for a break to have a coffee and warm up.

David Eric Nilsson: “I had in mind a pair of droid eyes when I created hers. Jonas wanted them to look unnatural and ice cold as the climate she walks into. I think we did a terrific job when creating those creepy robotic eyes.”

Emma: “The music video is now finished and ready for release and we are very satisfied with the fantastic result.”

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)