Lia Scott Price Takes Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Digital, Find Issues 8-10 Exclusively on Patreon!

Lia Scott Price’s Vampires Go Digital

The latest issues of the Vampire Guardian Angels comic book series will continue on as a web-comic on with new stories and art by creator Lia Scott Price. Issues 7-10 now have over 50 pages of black, white and red-splattered art, cover art by Price, and new monsters and more NSFW brutality. Price also appears as a more badass, kick-ass vampire fighter in her latest comic books.

Vampire Guardian Angels is an independent and original vampire horror-action comic book series where guardian angels were bitten by vampires and become a unique new breed and hybrid combination of vicious, merciless vampire and evil, rebellious, power-hungry angel. They have become serial killers who hunt down humans who pray to them for help, but they can only target prayers of despair. (You’re safe if you don’t believe in them and don’t pray to them). They not only drink blood, but they have zombie-like appetites and eat victims whole instead of save them. They form armies to take over Earth. Price’s “author” character finds out about their existence, accidentally summons them, and now desperately warns humans not to pray to these angels. She discovers she not only has the power to regenerate and heal them, but the power to destroy them. She and only one “good” angel are left to fight them, and both humans and “earth” vampires must also try to work together to stop them. Don’t pray, you become prey.

Issues are available in paperback, kindle, PDF downloads, and web-comic subscription on

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)