Crowdfunding campaign launched for sequel to indie horror film “The Barn”

Three years after creating the multiple award-winning horror film “The Barn,” director Justin M. Seaman (“10/31”, “Cryptids”) has launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce a sequel. The original film was an ‘80s throwback monster movie that has had international screenings and found acclaim from fans of the genre.

Seaman wrote the first story for “The Barn” when he was just 8 years old and finally realized the idea as a feature-length film 22 years later. For the sequel, Seaman will be turning to a follow-up story he first conceived at age 10 for inspiration for “The Barn Part II.”

With “The Barn Part II,” Seaman promises fans that surviving characters from the first film will be appearing, including characters played by well-known genre actors Linnea Quigley (“The Return of the Living Dead”) and Ari Lehman (“Friday the 13th“). While “The Barn” was a 1980s period piece, the sequel will follow the characters into the 1990s for another terrifying Halloween adventure. However, Seaman’s desire to make the sequel more ambitious along with the returning cast from the first film being spread across the United States will also require a larger budget, which is why he is turning to the crowdfunding site IndieGoGo to raise the funds with its ALL or NOTHING campaign. This means if not 100% funded by the end date of November 23, 2018 all funds raised will be returned to the contributors and the movie will not get made.

“Obviously, if we’re going to make a sequel, that means it’s got to be bigger, it’s got to better and that means more money,” Seaman said. “We want to upgrade the monsters, double the body count, double the gore and introduce new monsters.”

While Seaman has chose to keep the specific details about “The Barn Part II” as a surprise, he has revealed to prospective donors that the film will take place on Halloween just like its predecessor and that the film will feature zombies. Campaign rewards copies of the film on DVD, Blu-Ray and VHS; a cameo appearance in the sequel; screen used props from “The Barn;” and the chance to be killed on screen by Quigley or Lehman. The IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign can be found at

“The first film took me places I never imagined,” Seaman said. “With continued support, I know I can deliver another fun and entertaining Halloween adventure.”

Written by Blacktooth

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