(Short Film) Ronnie Wilson’s FACELESS

“Between the years 2000 and 2010, a total of twelve hikers went missing in the mountains three miles north of Brantwood Springs. To this day no bodies were ever found and not a single suspect has been charged and the case was closed. Today, after the recovery of several old VHS tapes identifying many of the victims, this case has been reopened.” – Brantwood Springs Police Department

Ronnie Wilson is back with another riveting short film. You may remember his previous project, Restless, which was featured on our site. His latest mini-movie, Faceless, is a one minute montage and Ronnie’s entry in the 2018 Filmstro & Film Riot One Minute Short Film Competition. Ronnie, of course, directed Faceless based on the story he co-wrote with Travis Caitlyn. Andrew Estabrook, Emmy Newman, Tiffany Parker and Angelina Heard star.

Faceless is a pretty cool concept because it blends the found footage style of The Blair Witch Project with cult movies of the 1980’s like Madman and Maniac. Check out the gritty, creepy, one minute short below.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)