The Sacrifice to Hit Amazon Prime Following Central City Comic Con Premiere.

CENTRAL CITY COMIC CON Original Premiered film, The Sacrifice, Coming to Amazon Prime Mid December 2018

For the week of Halloween, what better way to enjoy the premiere of your film at “Central City Comic Con”? That’s exactly what happened for Light Productions on October 14th 2018. An originally daunting task, to film a 15 minute production in 4 days before the premiere. What ensued was 20+ hour work days, scheduling and planning to meet the deadline.

The Sacrifice follows a “philanthropist” James as he and his fiancée, Jessica, adjust to life in a society with Undead. Although he begins with a small quest, James quickly realizes that he must deal with the source of what’s causing this terror.

With reshoots and additional filming underway, The Sacrifice promises more action, adventure, and building of the intimate character details that it started. With a well understood narrative, the project explores the perspective of a couple doing what is necessary to make things work. The Amazon premiere will be set with an original video, and launch LIGHT PRODUCTIONS official AMAZON PRIME channel to 22+ million people across the US, Canada, Japan, Germany, and more, set for December, 23rd, additional filming is underway for the film to properly round out the story prior to its official online premiere and a private premiere Sunday, December 23rd, in Yakima, WA.

The Sacrifice was written by Michael Jamal Mitchell and co-directed by Michael Mitchell (Jackson Horn, Scarecrow’s Last Dance, and The Mechanic) and Crystal Marie Morgan (King of the Game, Vixen, and Digital Love of a Robot Soul). Also starring, Michael Mitchell as James “Lead” and Introducing Kristina Lindgren as co-star, “Jessica”. The Sacrifice also introduced Elissa Buck as The Undead Queen.

CREDITS: The Sacrifice was co-directed by Jon Conner, Michael Mitchell, and Crystal Morgan. Written by Michael Mitchell, Director of Photography, Valient Clark, and Script Supervisor/Assistant Director: Crystal Morgan.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)