Shed-Perton Studios’ The Cursed Canvas

This morning I received a nineteen minute short film from Shed-Perton Studios, and I’ve decided to include it for you at the bottom of this post. Shot with no budget and an incredibly tight schedule, The Cursed Canvas is an independent product that’s rough around the edges but still shows a lot of potential. Most of the basics are covered, and it’s better than some shorts I’ve received, but Shed-Perton Studios still needs a little bit of work. Hopefully, more attention on this title encourages the guys to step up their game, so their next picture can reach more than a b-movie audience.

The Cursed Canvas is inspired by classic Hammer Films and features building suspense and practical special effects. Written by Corey Fagan-White, Billie Joe Ingrams and Alexander Griffiths, it follows a mysterious narrator as he tells three tales of horror. An anthology, you say? Great! Directed by Alexander Griffiths, The Cursed Canvas stars Byron Lee Goodwin, Billie Joe Ingrams, Joe Brooks, Erin-Elizabeth Potts, Alex Barnett, Jaden Fagan-White and Corey Fagan-White.

Watch it below!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)